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My best friend proposed!!! I think of him as a true friend & don’t want to loose him but I don’t love him. What to do?

Elvi says: Hmm, Catch 22. Well nothing to worry about. Tell him the truth & let him know how much he means to you as a friend. If he is your ‘true’ friend as stated he will understand & stick with you. Well the situation may be awkward but don’t let it escalate & speak your mind fast.

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I’m the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding this summer and I need help to make a toast. SOS!

Elvi says: You need help to make a toast or with what to say in a toast? I guess the second. Well you are thinking about it already so that’s good. Recall a few fun stories (PG preferred) about the bride, your relation with her and why is she perfect for her hubby. Choose humour or quotes to start off and just so that you don’t sound rehearsed, jot down points and build your speech around it. And be sure to end on a high note and do raise your glass at the end. One more thing, don’t drink too much before the toast.

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My guy told me his best friend cheated and now I don’t feel like hanging out with the couple. What do I do?

Elvi says: Take comfort in the fact that if the guy’s girlfriend doesn’t already know she’s likely to find out soon enough. Cheaters almost always get caught. But don’t clue her in. Limit your social contact with them or rather meet them in groups rather than double dates. If your man wants to grab a beer with his buddy; let him. Cheating isn’t contagious and because he told you of his friend’s slip up - it means he isn’t keeping secrets from you... even ones he should.