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My would-to-be in-laws are non-vegetarians and I am not. I am in a big fix. No offence to the non-vegetarians but I cannot see meat near me. What to do?

Get used to it. I am a vegetarian. But more importantly I don’t enforce my diet on anyone. Simply you stick with the family and eat what you have been eating. In fact you can get them addicted to vegetarian food if you do not like not to see the non-veg around. But remember the family that eats together stays together.

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My friend and love of past 10 years just cheated me. He still talks as if nothing happened but I really don’t want to see his face. Now a close friends wedding is slated for the coming month were we both will be there for nearly a week. What should I do?

Teach him a lesson. Yeah it will feel good. Best way of letting him know is when there are people around him you go and talk to all of them except him.  Do it a couple of times and you will see the reaction. Also don’t be easy? 10 years is a long time to waste but it could have been worse! So be happy and be there at the wedding. Make him realize what he has missed and then don’t return to him ( if that is what you want).

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Are live-in relationships a taboo? I am living with my friend in the same flat for two years now. We both are of same age and party together too sometimes. But off late I have noticed that some people are trying to link us together as a couple. What nonsense? What should I do? Should I leave the flat?

Exactly “What nonsense?” If people are saying things which are untrue then too, to satisfy their egos you shall create havoc in your life. Truly what nonsense? You know the truth and so does your friend. So where is the problem? leave happily as long as you want.  Because the English alphabets A,B,C,D and so on think that Madam X and Mr Y are living together so they must be cooking some bryani then let thing of the greatest culinary delight which ‘Master Chef’ would be proud of but why you have to worry? It’s their imagination and let it fly. Just don’t give a damn and things will be back to normal if they are not that is.