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I am unable to concentrate and am easily distracted. I start drifting to no man’s land in my class room and have become a day dreamer. Please help

Elvi says: Day dreaming! Don’t worry. It has happened to all of us. There can be many reasons why you are not able to concentrate. Normally when you are stressed your mind is not at ease. Drink plenty of water. Lack of fresh air and intake of stale air also reduces the speed at which your brain will work. If the problem persists, see the doc.

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I come from a broken family. My parents don’t see eye to eye. Now I love this guy & we want to get married. His parents want to meet mine. What should I do?

Elvi says: You are your parent’s child. If they can not solve their difference for a day for you then I am sorry to say their love has been clouded by their respective egos which is also the reason for their situation. Talk to them & see what happens. Hopefully all goes well. If not let your to be hubby decide whether to let his parents know. Bring in your to be hubby into the situation. Let him know the truth from Day 1. Relations built on truth last longer. Remember this.

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My sister is hot & I am not. I am really jealous with all the attention she gets. I don’t have goods thoughts. Please help.

Elvi says: You both are of the same gene. Remember that so don’t worry. If you stop worrying about things that your sister gets & start focusing on where you could improve yourself, you will make progress. Even better learn from her. Be positive.