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A friend has the hots for me but I am cautious. Should I road test the romance ?

Elvi says : Whoa there girl, look : sparks would have flown if this fling thing had wings.Worst case scenario : You’ll hook up a few times then unintentionally drop the friendship tag, then you may have to endure countless akward unwanted situations until you avoid each other completely. That’s not getting lucky, that’s animal testing your friend.

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My husband wants to swap email passwords in case of emergency. But I don’t want to give mine up. What do I do?

Elvi says: Personal communications are just that, and marriage shouldn’t mean forfeiting passwords any more than solo bathroom privileges. Push back while you assure him that you have nothing to hide. Offer a viable solution- open a joint account/ shared address for bills, joint accounts etc or subscribe to services like Deathswitch.com or Assetlock.net. Both act as a sort of virtual lockbox and open only for people you allow. And tell him - this is not a cover up honey- it’s about trust.

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My boyfriend is going around with my best friend for almost a year now. I recently came to know about this from my other friends. Should I dump him?

Elvi says: I am surprised that you can actually ask this question and that you haven’t shot him yet. Does your best friend know? C’mon she has to know, and that doesn’t make her your best friend. If you haven’t rooted in this relation then I’d say dump him, but creatively in a way he feels his right hand has been ripped off. Use your imagination. Chances are that he’ll do the same to your so called best friend- i.e find a replacement so he can always juggle. If both of you (GIRLS) are clean then double dump him. But love is blind they say and you are your own master.