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Sir, I love a guy he is very sincere and very possessive on me. Even I’m sincere and possessive on him. The problem is he has got two friends, I feel they are misleading him in our love matter. Those two guys are flirts I’m afraid what will I do if they change my lover. What should I do? I have talked with him many a times regarding this matter but he is trying to convince me and not leaving their friendship. What should I do? Please guide me.


Dear  Lisha

If he loves you truly then nothing should change his mind. If his feelings towards you are influenced by his friends then consider that his feelings were not genuine. Do not feel insecure, if he is meant for you then nothing should change his mind, otherwise he was never meant for you.

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One of my friends is physically attracted towards me. He is a man of principle & has high moral values. But cannot resist the urge of hugging me or being physical with me. But he says this is not a love but just a chemistry that we both share. What is this chemistry & if there is even a little bit of love/ affection involved in it how I would convince him that he loves me.


Dear Miami  

He is clear in his mind for feelings that he has for you, but probably you are unable to accept the fact that he is just physically attracted and no emotional involvement is there. If you are comfortable with this equation then you may continue or else discuss your emotional need openly with him.

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I’m 34 yr old married woman. My husband is a doctor. From reliable sources I’ve came to know that he’s involved with one lady. I have talked to him on this issue but he denies for any such relationship. What should I do?


Dear  Bada    

When your hubby is denying about such relation then before doubting further please make sure that your information about your husband’s affair is true. If it’s true then you have two options; either discuss this matter with your husband, giving all evidences you have or try to get in touch with involved lady. Probably woman can understand another woman and you can wakeup her womanhood. You can think of involving your close friend into the matter (it’s very sensitive step and depends upon your interpersonal background). You may think of separation depending upon your familial, economical and social background as a last resort.