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One of my friends is physically attracted towards me. He is a man of principle & has high moral values. But cannot resist the urge of hugging me or being physical with me. But he says this is not a love but just a chemistry that we both share. What is this chemistry & if there is even a little bit of love/ affection involved in it how I would convince him that he loves me.


Dear Ruma

He is clear in his mind for feelings that he has for you, but probably you are unable to accept the fact that he is just physically attracted and no emotional involvement is there. If you are comfortable with this equation then you may continue or else discuss your emotional need openly with him.

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Sir, am born with 3 siblings. I am the last. I am very practical girl and I feel money is must in living very standard life. My parents are well off to offer. My problem is they are giving preference for boys than gals. I ask them to give assets in my name and get registered. I want to be done before my marriage. How should I approach them? They think that am keen on assets when others are keeping quite. The thing is already my 1st two of them have luxury houses in there name. I and sister are not having anything in our name. Only Jewellery. So how to approach them to give my things why should boys alone enjoying everything how can I make them to understand it.. thank you


Dear Sima

Preference for a male child is an age old psyche of majority people (male and female both) so is the case with your parents. You can not compel them to give share from their assets. It is solely their wish. If they have inherited assets from your grand father then to get the share is your right and you can demand your share. Still you and your sister convince them for your share arguing that it can give you financial securities for difficult time.

Alternatively, make yourself capable enough to earn your livelihood and feel confident about yourself. Marry a man who can provide you financial and emotional securities. (As I guess, you are full of insecurities).

Joy and enjoyment of your own money is more satisfying then money you get as inheritance.

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I married last year. I was with my husband for 8 months. Now I have left him and living with parents since last 4 months. My husband is suffering from Psychological problems, but he & his parents don’t accept it. He wants sex daily at night for 4-5 times & does not let me sleep. Sometimes he threatens me that he will hang himself to the fan. Sometimes he said he would cut his penis & testes. Sometimes he asked me to come with him to a temple & on the way he asked me who I was & where we were going. He would say he doesn’t know me. When my parents asked him why he did all these things he said he loved me too much & would just wanted me to listen to him & do whatever he wanted me to. Plz advise me if he is suffering from some psychological problem & if he can be cured. Thanks very much.


Dear Nima

Small case history like this, is not sufficient to come to any conclusion but it gives an impression that he might be suffering from some psychotic Disorder (may be Schizophrenia). However, you should take him to Psychiatrist or you alone should go and discuss the case in detail for getting final diagnosis. Mental illnesses are treatable provided one takes regular treatment.