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I am depressed. I can’t concentrate on my work. Others feel that I am fool as I am short tempered. There is no one with me and no body to guide me correctly for my future. I am alone. I want to make myself prove against others decisions. I have to prove myself that I can face my life problems alone. I am working with Mnc Company and I want to make myself and my carrier better in future. Please help me with this your quick response will be highly appreciated. Please help me. Thanks,


Dear Samantha    

To find out reasons of your depression and loneliness, I need to have information about your age, marital status, family supports etc. Two things I want to point out from your mail. First you need to work on your short tempered nature because according to you, your temper is making you sound like a fool! (You will find tips on anger management in answers of other questions). Secondly, leave the obsession of proving yourself and conquering on others. All you need to do is just put your sincere efforts and do your best, rest of the things are natural result of it.

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Hi, I got married 4 yrs back which was a love marriage and we have a daughter. After 1.5 yrs my husband passed away and after that after 2yrs I got married again with a guy who worked with me, as a friend we use to have long chats and at one stage he proposed me. We believe that we have some basic understanding and we believe we can adjust things to live a peaceful life. Now he wants me to be very strict to my daughter who is 2.5 yrs old. Basically he is very adamant and never likes to listen to my explanation. I’m confused that I can’t make him to understand that she is very young to be stricter and I’m not able to make my daughter to understand the situation. How to handle this? And also guide me, what is the correct age to tell my daughter about my past life.


Dear Lovinia

Males and females are different as friends and typical as husband & wife, this is universal phenomena. I’m surprised that he wants you to be strict with your daughter; most commonly husband keeps on advising wife to go softer with kids. It is a mother who is practically stricter with child, father’s strictness theoretical. Exceptions are always there as statistical rule. I’m not sure on what issues he wants you to be strict so difficult to suggest specific points. You can tell her about your past life when she grows beyond 10. Exact age depends upon her maturity level, emotional growth, her personality, her surroundings etc.

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I have a relationship for 10 months. The boy proposed me first. In the early days I ignored him & hurt him. But now I love him more than myself. Now he ignores me, hurt me too much. He talks with my friend Rumela now & tell that he has no need of mine, I may leave him, he is good with my friends (Girls).He is 23.I cry through the whole day, he doesn’t care it. I want to be cheerful & I want to do my studies very well. I want to live, I don’t want to die. He also gave a condition, i.e. if I shall not able to crack the IIt he will leave me. I can’t do my studies for his mental torture. So what’s next? I can’t live without him, I can’t do my studies, I can’t led a normal life then how it’ll be possible to keep my relationship? Now he is torturing me too much mentally by keeping his phone busy with Rumela for hours & hours. Please help me. I want to live & build my career.


Dear Monalisa

He does not have love and respect for you. You should not continue with him. Leave him and accept that he is not meant for you. Person, who can torture you at initial phase of your relationship, is going to torture you at every walk of relationship. If you cannot live without him then better start learning to live without him. You cannot go pleading, when someone does not need you and expect happiness out of that relation.