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I’m 20 yr old unmarried girl. Because of my small bust line, I feel very inferior. What should I do to regain my confidence?


Dear Precila

Small breasts and low confidence is like two sides of the coin, they always coexist. First you should acknowledge that you are not alone; innumerable girls all around the world have the same problem. Secondly; you need to accept that there are no medicines, lotions or massage technique by which you can increase your size except augmentation surgeries done by cosmetic surgeon. You may take cosmetic surgeon’s opinion for surgical augmentation. You may do some chest muscle exercises (Pectoral exercises) to make your bust line more prominent. Try to focus your attention on total fitness and well being. This is very important for positive self image.

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I have been married for 9 years but have never got emotional satisfaction or love from my husband or my in -laws. They have been never there when I needed them. My husband also is a very reserved person and has always ignored me in the 9 years of our marriage. Now I have met a man with whom I have been friendly for the past 2 years who loves me a lot and cares for me like anything. He has even told his family about us and I have met his brother too. He comes from a very good back ground and is a very decent person with no addiction or bad habits. After so many years I have finally found happiness. He takes care of my 6 year old son more than his own father does. Now we both want to get married but I am scared of society. What to do? Please help me


Dear Sonakshi

Society has definite place in our life but inner happiness is much important. If you really think that you get more internal happiness with him then you should not get scared of society. People may opine about what you did but at the same time they are not bothered and really concerned. More over, these things are short lived so always put yourself ahead of the society. If you are happy and satisfied with your life then society automatically starts accepting the way you are.

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I have many confusions and hatred thoughts about the society and my environment. I don’t like to be in this society which is with all evil thoughts. Guide me please. Most of the time, I’d like to be alone. I love loneliness than adjusting and living in this nasty society. Please help me. I’m an engineering student learning information technology.


Dear Lucy    

There has to be some reasons for your hatred towards the society and your environment. You need to work on them with the help of professional. We are social animal; we need society as much as we need food and water. Loving loneliness is fine but hating society is not healthy, try to work on underlying causes.