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One of my friends is physically attracted towards me. He is a man of principle & has high moral values. But cannot resist the urge of hugging me or being physical with me. But he says this is not a love but just a chemistry that we both share. What is this chemistry & if there is even a little bit of love/ affection involved in it how I would convince him that he loves me.


Dear Anonymous

He is clear in his mind for feelings that he has for you, but probably you are unable to accept the fact that he is just physically attracted and no emotional involvement is there. If you are comfortable with this equation then you may continue or else discuss your emotional need openly with him.

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My boyfriend left for Bangalore after a courtship of a couple of days. Since then, we have been dating through phone. Since, it’s a long distance relation; we don’t get to see each other and most of the time I end up spending with my friends which include male friends as well. Now one of my male friends proposed me and since we spend a lot of time together, I also started to have feelings for him. I love my boy friend also but I am in a fix. Please advice.  


Dear Sushma,

Stop being a pendulum. There is a difference between affection and love. If you love you boy friend, even if a Bradpitt propose you, you will not develop your feelings for him. You love your boyfriend or Brad? Best way that I would say is to talk to your boyfriend and let him know about the state of your mind. Sweetheart, I hope you are not stuck in between changing lanes and at the end crash at the divider.

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I am a 27 year old girl in a relationship with a 26 year old boy. He stays in a different city. Now that I have attained a marriageable age, my parents want to marry me off as soon as possible. But my boyfriend is not yet ready for a marriage, so my parents are forcing me to marry someone of their choice. What do I do, please suggest.


Dear Namita,

Ask your boy friend whether he loves you or not. Age is just a number and also be practical, whether you will be able to sustain your relationship or not. Think for yourself, as to why your 26 year old boyfriend is avoiding marriage. The only reason I see is that he is unsure of himself and not ready to take responsibility. So kindly read between the lines and remember, your parents have more experience then you.