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I love a girl from past two years. Even she loves me too much. From past few months I have seen that due to lack of communication between us, there is a bit problem in our relationship, we both love each-other and do not want to leave each other. Whenever we get time, we chat with each other and have romantic and humorous chat to keep relationship healthy. We both are from different cast, which might be a problem for our marriage. I told her that I had indulged in sex once with a lady, and for my this mistake she forgive me 1 year ago. Dr., she is always good to me and so am I. Dr., I want to improve my relation and want to make it much better as it was earlier when we met. Please tell me what I should do.

Dear annonymous

Improve your communication. Female always wants to stay connected and that is what she looks for in intimate relationship. More she feels connected, better and deeper the relationship will be.

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I am married for the last 15 years. We both are educated and working. My husband is not open to talk. Four years back two times I have caught him with other women. Still I forgave him as I have two emotional weaknesses, my son and my parents. He gets angry without any reason and start abusing and saying that he wants to leave me. I cannot leave him, although I am quite independent and confident. He drinks a lot and normally loses his temper almost with everybody.


Dear Puspa

When you have caught him red-handed and that too twice, naturally he will be feeling defeated- frustrated from within. This might be resulting into the anger. Accepting your weaknesses in front of him will only give him chance to exploit you and that is what exactly he is doing. When he knows that you cannot leave him, he is threatening you that he wants to leave you! Alcoholism may be root cause, effect or merely an associated problem. It needs to be tackled medically.

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I am in love with a guy but he always spends time with his friends. Whenever I argue for this he gets angry and switches his mobile off. I feel like have gone mad, I sob bitterly. I cannot get out of it please give me a solution.


Dear Iba

It seems that to him his friends are more important than you and he is taking you for granted. In this case either discuss with him clearly your feeling about this situation and seek a solution or else you need to deiced whether you want to continue this relation or not.