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I am a 23yrs old girl, my problem is I could not concentrate in my studies I was always an average student. In 10th I got 64% & in 12th I got 61%. After 12th I could not decided what to do then trying for engineer but can’t get good rank. Then I decided to do a degree in maths. But yet could not complete it. Now I feel like a looser as can’t get any energy to do anything. My family is very supportive but nobody understands my problem. Now I feel shame to talk to people. I feel that my family will be insulted because of me. I love them a lot so I can’t hurt them, but I can’t live with them. I want to run away. What should I do? Help me.  


Dear Nina

You should get evaluated on aptitude and interest scale which will give you a clear idea about what you can do ahead. You might not have the right aptitude to do engineering or mathematics but might be good in some other aspect. Rather than running away from your family find a way in which you can balance your capabilities and your families’ expectations both in an effective manner.