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After five years of being together, my partner left me and our two  children.  I am finding it very hard to cope with day to-day life and find myself snapping at them.  The worst thing about it all is that now I am completely on my own.  I don’t really have many reliable friends where I live and no family, only his family - who just want me to stay up there because of the children.  However my family who are many miles away are not too reliable either.  I am completely on my own, and feel stuck.  I can’t do anything about it - I cannot socialize because I have no one to look after the children.  My ex-husband and his family won’t help either.  Please help me.  I feel completely on my own and  I’m so lonely. Thank you for reading my message. 


Dear Tanya,

I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling so lonely and unsupported.  Break-ups can be very hard at first but it is possible to recover from them and rebuild a happy life. For now I would suggest you to be strong for the sake of your children. Be strong for them and find happiness in them. Most of all learn to trust people around you too.