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I am 25 year old and had a very disturbing relation with my ex-boyfriend. But some months back I met a guy who is very loving and caring and am very attracted towards him. But am wary about him and can’t decide on anything. I am afraid that he might turn out to be like my ex. Is my apprehension unnecessary?

Not at all! You are very right in being cautious as it is very difficult to judge a book by its cover. Precaution is always better then cure. However, too much caution can also deprive you of something wonderful. In love you have to take a few risks that’s what make love ‘love’. Get to know this guy a bit more maybe he is not like your ex. Take a risk but only when you are sure of winning.

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I am pregnant. My boyfriend does not know. We are both adults and he loves me a lot . I have not told him and I am scared what his reaction will be? I am in doldrums. What should I do?

Congratulations to both of you!  Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you!

You expect me to say more! It’s probably the best thing that is going to happen to the lad in his lifetime. Let him know of it. He is loyal then why you have to worry? This is in fact going to cement your bonds even tighter. Worse come worse (which I hope not) if he does not accept then imagine what good luck the child has brought and saved you from the misery of spending your life’s beautiful moments with him when he could not stand up for his own blood.

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My would-to-be in-laws are non-vegetarians and I am not. I am in a big fix. No offence to the non-vegetarians but I cannot see meat near me. What to do?

Get used to it. I am a vegetarian. But more importantly I don’t enforce my diet on anyone. Simply you stick with the family and eat what you have been eating. In fact you can get them addicted to vegetarian food if you do not like not to see the non-veg around. But remember the family that eats together stays together.