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I am 25 year old and had a very disturbing relation with my ex-boyfriend. But some months back I met a guy who is very loving and caring and am very attracted towards him. But am wary about him and can’t decide on anything. I am afraid that he might turn out to be like my ex. Is my apprehension unnecessary?

Not at all! You are very right in being cautious as it is very difficult to judge a book by its cover. Precaution is always better then cure. However, too much caution can also deprive you of something wonderful. In love you have to take a few risks that’s what make love ‘love’. Get to know this guy a bit more maybe he is not like your ex. Take a risk but only when you are sure of winning.

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Hi, I am 28 years old and in a love relation for six years. But my parents are coming in between of our marriage because he is a Christian and I am a Sikh. He is well educated and well settled but my parents are against him. What should I do to convince my family?

As I have mentioned in numerous occasion, this is nothing but generation gap effect. They are from a generation where inter-caste marriages are not even an option so the interference. Talk to them, explain them and help them overcome the generation gap. There is no other way else.

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I am a married woman and I have been married for one year. I recently found out that my husband had an affair before marriage of which I did not know as we had an arrange marriage. But recently he has started seeing her again and is trying to get into an affair with her again. I tried my best to stop him and see sense but to no avail. What should I do?

Confront him! Tell him directly that you are his wife not his servant that he can rub your face on the floor. And don’t hesitate or delay to involve your and his family members. Expose him to the family. If he still doesn’t budge then I am sorry to say that you have to think of separation because men like your husband are worse than Casanovas.