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My parents never understand me; I have always listened to them and done what they wanted. I have always fulfilled my duties and responsibilities and never offended them in any way. And now I have fallen in love with a guy and we want to get married but my parents are not accepting our relation. They want me to get married to the guy they want but this is one thing I can’t do. I don’t want to hurt them but I also don’t want to get married to the guy of their choice. Please tell me how to convince them.

The main problem here is your agreeable nature. You have always done what they wanted and that is why they have taken you for granted. They think that no matter what you will always listen to them, whether good or bad. You should by now learn how to stand for your right. I am not asking you to offend your parents but tell them directly what you want. If they really care for you then they will understand you.

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My in-laws are very old fashioned, they want me to have a baby and it has only been 8 months that I got married. I am a working woman and want to pursue my career and think of a baby later?  What should I do? How do I convince them?

First of all, what you are calling old fashioned is actually generation gap.  Their wishes and thinking reflect their upbringing and they are not wrong in their demand. However, I do understand your desire to keep up with your career and think of parenthood later. The best way to convince them is to give them assurance that you are not denying parenthood but only require a bit of time until you are ready for it. Nevertheless, do not keep them waiting for way too long.

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I have a crush on my friend but he is committed another girl who also happens to be my very good friend. I like her a lot but can’t tolerate her with my love. What to do? Please advice.

First of all, he is not your love and there is nothing for you to do in respect of getting him. As you say he is already committed so it is better for you to hold your feelings and divert your mind from him. If you keep on pinning for him then there is a high chance that you may lose his friendship too and it will not give you anything but heartbreak and misery. So accept the truth and move on, there are many guys out there waiting for you.