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My boyfriend loves me very much but he wants me to get physical with him every time without understanding my feelings and my mood. I don’t want to hurt him but I don’t want to get physical with him. And when I deny him he gets angry and starts fighting with me. How can I make him understand?

Tell him what’s in your mind straight forward without any twist or turn. If he truly loves you then he will understand and if he doesn’t understand and still forces you to get physical then he doesn’t love you. Because with love comes respect and if he can’t respect you then he can’t love you. And if his love is true then his love should be for you and not for your body. So, go ahead and pour your heart out, if he understands then he really loves you and can wait until you are ready otherwise its’ better to give your relation some thought.

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My daughter is so influenced by her friend that she wants everything her friends have. We try to give her all that she wants but at times our limitations stop us. But she is not ready to understand, once she wants something, she goes crazy about it. How do I make her understand?

Peer pressure! A fearful thing for parents, your daughter is not the only victim. Its about time you involved her in the home finances and showed her that money does not grow on trees. Talk to her and if that does not work then a bit of spanking might do good.

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I am 18 years old and am in a relation with a 32 year old man. He is a divorcee and wants to marry me but my parents are not ready for the relation. What to do?

Can you actually blame them for disagreeing? I am actually surprised that expected them to agree. This man you are talking about is old enough to be your uncle and you want to marry him. Considering he truly loves you then also it will be a big mistake for you to go against your parents and marry him. My advice, find a guy close to your age.