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My father hates the guy I love. He thinks he is a good for nothing and won’t keep me happy but the truth is he really loves me and can do anything for me. How do I convince my father and make him see the truth and not his prejudice?

Well every father goes through this phase, they just can’t bear to have any other guy in their daughter’s life who can equal them and wants to remain the only superhero of their little dolls. Call it a jealousy factor but they are worried sick about their little baby dolls and can’t trust anyone enough to take of the them as they do. Nevertheless, daughters are always their father’s weaknesses and they can never overlook their happiness. Talk to your father and try to explain him or you can give your dad the time to accept the truth and when the time comes, no one will be more agreeable than him.

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My friend and love of past 10 years just cheated me. He still talks as if nothing happened but I really don’t want to see his face.

Then tell him straight on his face. He cheated and he is all cool about it then why are you bearing him for anything. I am surprised that you still have contacts with him. Just shove him away from your life and start a fresh life and don’t feel sorry about it. He doesn’t deserve any compassion. Better still, find a new boyfriend and show him that you are no push over. Get that hidden anger out girl and use it as a weapon against him (don’t get violent though). All the best!

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Hi, I am a 30 years old married woman living with my in-laws in a joint family. They are really loving people but very old-fashioned in their thinking. I recently got a very good job but they do not want me to join. How do I persuade them?

Is your family in a financial stress? Because if you are then explain them the financial condition of your home and tell them why it is so important for you to do the job. If not, then I don’t see why you should go against a loving family and do a job. Assuming you haven’t been working before this I don’t understand the sudden desire to do a job. However, if you really want this then (as I always say) talk to them and if they are loving then surely they will be trusting and understanding enough to allow you.