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My mother hates me. I don’t know why but she doesn’t seem to like me at all. It’s always her son who is important to her. Sometimes I feel suicidal. I really love her and told her about my feelings many times  but can’t understand what problem she has with me. Please advice.

I can feel what agony you are going through. We always hear that girls are daddy’s pet and boys their mom’s but I guess your mother is taking it too seriously. It’s about time you confront her and try to find out the source of her behaviour. If she doesn’t understand what you are going through being a mother then I have a doubt she ever will until very late. Start accepting the situation and live with it until she realizes her mistake. You have to be very patient and courageous. And most importantly don’t let her behavior affect your life, you have other relations too. All the very best!

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My husband is very loving and supportive. Recently, I got promoted and because of it I have to make at least two tours a month. So, he feels insecure and keeps calling me after every one hour because of which I can’t concentrate on my work. After telling him to stop this behavior of his, he told me to quit my job. What should I do? I don’t want to quit my job and I don’t want to hurt him also.

No matter what you do, don’t leave your job. This is a free country and don’t mess up your career because of his insecurities. Remember the more you bend the more you break. If he loves you then he should understand you and have trust on you. If he cannot trust you enough to give you your freedom then I don’t think he is worth leaving your job for. Tell him you won’t leave your job and that’s final. And if he has any problem with that then take him with you on your tours so that he can see what you do there.

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I am a 23 year old girl and live with my parents and my younger brother. My parents are very loving and supportive but however they always distinguish between me and my brother. I do my level best to live up to their expectation and do everything suitable for an elder son but yet I do not get equal rights and freedom as my brother. I feel very depressed and suicidal at times. Please help.

Don’t even think of suicide. Suicides are for cowards and from what I can understand you are not a coward. If you could put up with all this so long then now you are at a stage where your whole future is in front of you. And as it is you will be not be living with them for your entire life. However, do talk to them and let them know how you feel. Tell them that just being a girl doesn’t make you any less capable then your brother and that they cannot take you or your feelings for granted.