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I am a divorcee and off late I have taken a liking to one of my colleagues. I don’t know how to share my feelings with him? What if he doesn’t reciprocate or if he takes it negatively?

Why don’t you think that he will reciprocate and he will take it positively? Shed your inhibitions and let the person know. Whatever be the result doesn’t matter. The picture will be clear. If things don’t go as planned so what? You will be able to look around and may find the real friend that ought to be yours. So it’s a win-win situation for you at least.

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I am pregnant. My boyfriend does not know. We are both adults and he loves me a lot . I have not told him and I am scared what his reaction will be? I am in doldrums. What should I do?

Congratulations to both of you!  Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you! Congratulations to both of you!

You expect me to say more! It’s probably the best thing that is going to happen to the lad in his lifetime. Let him know of it. He is loyal then why you have to worry? This is in fact going to cement your bonds even tighter. Worse come worse (which I hope not) if he does not accept then imagine what good luck the child has brought and saved you from the misery of spending your life’s beautiful moments with him when he could not stand up for his own blood.

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I am 18 and I wanna live my life of my will. But my mother keeps on nagging and asking what I do at every little step. I feel suicidal. Please help?

Don’t even think about it. Yeah you bet you reached 18 but you forgot whose hand you were holding till you reached 18. Well it’s a common story! Any ways understand this that your mother is worried about you and hence the questioning. Instead try and be friends with your mother and share everything with her. If you can, share your crushes too. Once your mother has confidence in you she will let go. For that you need to see the positive from the negative. And believe me your life will be pretty good.