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My life is ruined. My parents had high expectations of me and my result was a dismal second class. I feel suicidal. What should i do?

Elvi says: Sad. Really sad. Not that you got less marks but the depressing and coward like thoughts you have saddens me. Definitely your parents might not be so hurt but will definitely be broken mentally if they were to know of your state of affairs. Life is short. Failures are abound. WHY? They teach you to stand-up every time you fall. So instead of feeling so sad about your marks see the best options and go for it. Remember which ever field you are in, if you perform you will reap the rewards. And now your marks are the least of your worries, what needs attention is your attitude towards life and believe me everything will fall in place.

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I am the only female member in my family of 4 i.e. Father-in-law, husband and his two brothers - all macho men. It becomes really awkward at times, especially during those times of the month.

Elvi says: I couldn’t stop laughing with your description ‘Macho Men’. Anyway, since you are the only tigress around, everyone is subjected to listening to you. This requires you to take authority and put your foot down. After all, you are the new lease of life that the house must have got since your arrival. If possible get some domestic help and also if any of your brother in laws are about to get married get it done ASAP. One’s better than two.

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Am I a glutton? I keep eating whether its junk food or regular. Now my stomach has grown by 3 to 4" in an odd manner. My husband says that I belong to the family of cows. I love eating and I’m confused.

Elvi says: Ohh I love food too. Not a glutton but a food lover would be more apt I would say. Why are you confused? Just don’t eat alone as sharing is not only caring but loving too. “3 to 4 inches?” - Lace up your jogging shoes. Maybe your hubby is just a little annoyed with seeing you with food all the time. Try avoiding junk food and sometimes do give it a break. Try following a routine if you like. I guess there is no curious case after all so no confusion.