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I haven’t had a period since I went off the Pill (and I’m not pregnant) what’s happening to me ?

Elvi says: First off relax. “Post pill amenorrhea or the absence of a menstrual period is not uncommon, especially if your cycle was irregular to begin with” - this is a statement given by many doctors. The hormones that are used in birth control pills can interfere with those that your body produces to cause ovulation and menstruation. If you haven’t had your period within three months of tossing your last pill pack, go meet your gynecologist pronto!

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What outfit do guys find hottest ?

Elvi says: Well I’m no fashionista, but just remember these 3 tips when it come to presentation.One : Less isn’t necessarily more. A snugfit can conjure up more daydreams than an eyeful of thigh. Two : Avoid six inch samurai sword heels and contortionist bras. If you’re not comfortable wearing it, guys will feel uneasy just looking at you. Last :For a bang of simplicity go for jeans that hug your bosom and a soft cotton shirt- one just right enough to trigger the right emotions.

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When is the right time for my boy friend to meet my friends ?

Elvi says : Well on this one I’ll only give you some kind of statistics. The major percentage of women would say - after a few weeks of dating. The second group (and mind you I’m decreasing the numbers as we go) would say - right away because their friend’s opinion matters. The third group would say - after a few months , and the last group would say - oh my, never ever - ‘I dont want my man flirting with them’. Now the choice is yours darling - Good luck to you and especially your man.