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I’m constantly losing things- keys, my phone, sunglasses. Should I see a doctor? Help

Elvi says: Is it love? Hmm! This sound like an attention problem rather than a medical one. Maybe you are one of those people who are just doing everything all the time. If you are not alert on where you put your things then the fact is you will never remember them anyway. Try being organised, or if you can’t try something wierd and funny like shouting the location. Try meditating for 2 minutes each morning. If you are not motivated enough just remember this, today it’s your keys- tomorrow something more valuable and possibly something alive. Cheers

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The only time my husband wants to get it on is at night when i am tired, what do i do?Can i ask him to be more flexible. I think we may have a problem. Help ?

Elvi says : I don’t see the problem here, but i think both of you should be flexible. Switch timings, i knowits hard to be sexually active after a hard day’s work but you can take the pressure off if both of you agree.Get him to massage you or rather massage each other to relax and also get you in the mood. The more you work your appetite the more hungry you will be, I hope you get my drift

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How much do guys tell their friends about hook ups ?

Elvi says : Sigh ! Do you really want to know ? Well- much lesser that you do. Most women usethe bedroom as a barometer for their relationship. They dish out every detail. Guys focus on highlights.so if you dont want to let the cat out of the bag , tell him or rather warn him.’Not a word of this gets out,ok ?’ But of course the hotter the secret, the harder it is for your guy to keep mum. Cheers !