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My boy friend is loyal but  he is very dumb. He does things that make me the laughing stock of town sometimes. I am done with his stupidness. What should I do?

Ahh! A perfect case of ‘I am better’. Not that I am negating your sense of superiority but you should understand that it was and is your choice firstly to be associated with your boyfriend. Next the most important thing in all the nonsense he does is for you to see whether he’s doing it for you. To impress you, to make you smile or just make you uncomfortable (which I doubt). However if you stop caring what others feel and see what he feels may be then the situation would seem different. However if you feel it is just a non reasonable habit of his then talk to the man. Sense eludes him you elude him. He will understand and if god allows he will return to your choices.

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My parents want me to be always dolled up and ready wherever i go. However i feel comfortable in my jeans and shorts and want to relax. Please help me get over this generation gap?

Elvi says: You have the idea of generation gap!?! Wow... Instead of getting mad at your parents try understanding their point of view.  Once you have theirs put yours on the table for discussion. At least you have parents who tell you what to do, think of kids who have none and are lost.  This is not generation gap but communication gap. ‘Baat karne se baat banti hai’ rememeber the beautiful advt.

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My husband is very good human being. My in-laws take undue advantage of him. What should I do to prevent it?

Elvi says: Dear all is well. J First of all you need to understand whether your husband feels the same way as you do. Next you need to know whether the in-laws really have anything malign against your hubby. If your husband has no problem and your in-laws have no cruel intentions then don’t worry things will get into the right place with time. Moreover if any of the above is in negative then you need to sit and talk it out with your husband and get the things sorted before it takes an ugly turn. Whatever you do remember making a relationship takes time, breaking it doesn’t. So think positively and see for yourself if things are as bad as you feel or you can actually let changes happen with time.