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I parted ways with my previous boyfriend after finding out that he’s double timing me. Now that I’ve moved on and found Mr Right, my ex is after me again and of course playing the desperado act.Should I confront him ?

Elvi says : Well congrats on your Mr Right, if he is. As for your ex, if he’s past why are you in touch with him? Let bygones be bygones! If you’ve found your Mr Right then that’s it; don’t try stunts like trying to put a friendship band on your so called ex. If you even have thoughts about it, you are playing your man for a substitute, and thats no way to spoil your life. You’ll end up on neither sides. Got it? Quite frankly if a guy comes to me with the same problem I’ll advise him in the same way.

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I want to look cute not dorky in my Facebook photo. Any suggestions ?

Elvi says :Hit him with your best shot. The goal is to stand out without coming off as desperate for attention. Do away with shots taken at wierd angles, photos cropped from a couple shot, or your ‘last day of school’ pose. Show off how spontaneous you can be, hence fun to hang out with. Believe me your photo will be reviewed multiple times. Go ahead and be trigger happy !

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What’s a good compliment to give a guy I’ve been on a few dates with?

Elvi says: One that you really mean. An old guy isn’t going to feel young just because you sayso.Likewise a man with a face like a box of tacks will feel even less like a Brad Pitt look-alike if youpoint out the resemblance. So stick to what comes naturally and reinforces the character script he’s written for himself: If he spends hours at the gym,compliment his biceps. A man with style? Give him props on his pants. You get the picture.