Editor Speaks

North East India is the land of festivals and who else but we women, who contribute in making the festivals a success and an occasion to bring happiness and joy to the family and society.  This month we have Rongali or Bohaag Bihu which is well celebrated in the state of Assam. Assam is a land of composite culture and reflects a chain of festivals throughout the year. Rongali Bihu however is celebrated with fun and abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, faith and belief. Our cover story of this month features the Rongali Bihu of Assam.

We have also carried an article of stress management and relaxation techniques which are so relevant in today’s life where the role of a woman has increased by many folds - from mother to housewife to a working woman. In this issue we have also featured Mrs. Minimon Laloo from Meghalaya, who is indeed a woman with diverse interest and literary skills. She has indeed made a significant contribution to Khasi literature. We have also carried an extra photo feature apart from our regular ‘Shades of North East’. This extra photo feature is dedicated to the Holi festival which was observed throughout the country in March. It is truly a festival of colour which this photo feature will no doubt show.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Madhu Jhunjhunwala
Managing Editor