March 2012

Your honeymoon tells the world – and maybe you – who you are.’ — Ginger Strand.

Honeymoon is the time when you actually discover yourself. Along with your life partner you start a journey which was embarked upon the day you both tied the knot. As Ginger Strand author of ‘Inventing Niagara’ puts it, it’s all about you.  We have picked a few destinations for the romancing couple in India from Srinagar’s cold to the warm massages of Kerala, from the dawn of Tawang to the royalty of Jodhpur. Take your pick.

We also have a heart touching story about the Augers of Texas, where a dying father’s wish to see his unborn child is fulfilled. Read to find out how Diane Auger fulfilled her dying husband’s last wish. Also this month we have profiled Sunita Bhuyan, the first artist to fuse Bihu with contemporary music. Also we speak to Dr. Meghali Goswami, Assistant Professor of Art History at Assam University, Silchar who irrespective of all odds pursued her dream and made it a reality.

Finally we round up with health tips ‘Sipping Gingerly’ and ‘Kitchen Safety’ along with our regulars.

So keep reading and believe in your dream.

Madhu Jhunjhunwala
Managing Editor