‘They said it couldn’t be done ,. . . but we did it’

November 2011

Expectations for this inaugural issue of Woman’s Panorama abounded as did the choices. Choice, now that is a blessing and a curse, indecisiveness is often a direct result of too many choices. Achievers like Kavita Sachdev made their choices years back, stuck to them and are today enjoying the dividends of those choices.On the issue of choice, the women of the North East are not given much when it comes to a choice of magazines related to the issues of the region, hence Woman’s Panorama.

With the amount of great feedback from you readers, we made a choice and the choice was to turn this supplement into a full fledged magazine. The support you have shown to this publication has resulted in this transformation, as such it can be said that your support has resulted in the evolution of Woman’s Panorama into a full fledged magazine. Meeting your expectations and thereby becoming the preferred choice of women’s magazines is now our goal.

Happy reading

Sonata Dkhar