Editor Speaks

Bonjour et  salut mes chers secteurs!

July 2012

From the cheerful green mountains and cooling fresh air of Shillong, I welcome you all my dear readers.

With the era of women power at a boom, Woman’s Panorama encourages and affiliates you to celebrate womanhood. It gives me immense pleasure and fills me with joy and glee as I see women making a mark in everything they do. And to keep up the spirit, Woman’s Panorama is there with you, with a hope that this spirit spread like a wildfire.

Covering this month’s issue, we have a mouth watering treat for you all from our Arunachali pals. We also have a secret for you to keep your love life healthy and long living. Following that we will have a sneek-peek into the minds of the women voters and see what they really want.
If you are a parent with a stressed mind over your child’s internet usage then this month’s issue is a must – have for you as it holds the key to your problem. After that say good-bye to your work pressure and say hello to today’s shopping style. Also meet two young and talented designers of today.

Also covering this month, we have an answer to your fertility problems and while you are at it, make sure to use our tips to keep those precious hands beautiful while you visit a handshake concert. And for those creative minds out there pep up your creativity with Feng Shui. And do not forget to try our beauty tips for that ‘amazing you’.

This month’s issue is what a girl can really ask for; after all, this magazine is you.

Au revoir et meilleurs voeux!

Priyanki Ghosh