Editor Speaks

September 2012

Just as we were beginning to get over the last months’ chaotic condition of Assam, another gigantic crisis has hit north-east India – the exodus of north-east students from the metros. It is shocking and disheartening to experience such a mass displacement in the name of ‘minority-fear’. Let’s hope this does not create another Jinnah-wants-Pakistan situation.

Now moving away from the social issues we have a real treat for all the food lovers out there. From our cover story to recipe, it is a mouth watering exhibition for you. Introducing newly, we have our ‘Style of the Month’ section, where you can send in your unique styles to us and get a chance to get featured in the magazine. Once again, we have a bouquet of advices and tips just for your health, diet and maintenance because caring for you has become our habit. And for all the beautiful queens and princesses make sure to try out the newly launched “ATTITUDE” collection from Amway.

Coming back to the issue of last month, Woman’s Panorama again urges all the eves to start getting an upper hand and take responsibility for your safety because nowhere is safe enough for you. From molestation to riots to exodus, the world seems to have forgotten words like peace, brotherliness, friendship and most importantly love-for-humanity and being considered of the weaker sex, it has become utmost important to prove and use your strength.
Until next month, wishing you all a wonderful month ahead!

Priyanki Ghosh