Editor Speaks

Dear Readers,

January 2013

I would like to begin this month’s issue with two questions. Are women nothing more than mere sex toys for men? Is the dignity of a woman a piece of paper which can be torn or scrambled or written on by anyone? What happened in Delhi to the 23 years old girl was not just rape; it was the outburst of six men’s egos and lust which shattered the dignity of the nation. Men who consider women to be sex toys. While we consider ourselves as a developing nation, the development of women and their rights and freedom is as stagnant as ever. It was not only the rape of the 23 year old girl, it was the rape of her parents’ and every other concerned parents’ dreams, love and parenthood. It was a rape of the nation.
 As the nation urges the government and the judicial system to take the strictest of measures, I would once again like to urge every woman and girl to take their protection into their own hands because any woman or girl any where is surrounded by a hoard of scavengers ready to tear at her body and dignity. We no longer live in the world where chivalry was a part of life.
Coming to our this month’s issue, we have three gorgeous ladies waiting to share their secrets with you. We also have an article on the right type of intimacy and its benefits. And our regular store of articles on health, maintenance, career and many more are at your disposal.

Until next month. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.   

Priyanki Ghosh
(Sub Editor)