June 2013

The month of May, the month for Mother’s has passed and the month of June, the month for Father’s has arrived. And with it comes a whole a fresh month full of new opportunities, new goals and new hopes. So, Woman’s Panorama has yet again come to steal a few moments of your life and give you time to be with yourself, realizing and pampering yourself as you tend to forget yourself in the demands of your career and loved ones.

Before starting on this month’s issue, Woman’s Panorama wishes and congratulates all the meritious sudents of the HSLC exams for their success and a bright future. This month Woman’s Panorama brings to you the Mega Miss North-East 2013 contest and unveils Juhi Gogoi, the new winner this year. Also we bring to you another event of NIFT Shillong as they bid farewell to their class of 2013 with a graduation show showcasing all their master-piece collections and designs. As you dig into these events do hover your eyes over Swati’s article as she brings good news for all women with her new anti-rape gadget. And do look into the Bollywood section where we have some really juicy stories waiting for you.

As you enjoy the events and the juicy stories, make sure to use our bouquet of regular articles on health, maintenance, beauty tips, relationship and many more, keeping yourself healthy, beautiful and happy.

Until next month. Best Wises.

Priyanki Ghosh