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October 2013

Autumn is a festive season, and when festive comes into our mind fashion follows. To give you some trends idea this Puja Festival, our cover story gives you tips and idea how to go about this festive season. To help you to handle your fashion spirit, Poran J Gogoi from Assam, who loves to play tricks with colorful hues of beads and sequences designed cloths would definitely enlighten your ideas for choosing the right closet this Puja and autumn, .
We also bring to you the article on Renaisance for Brighter future, the inspiring story of Binalakshmi Nepram of Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network (MWGSN), whose brand name is Lei Hao. This inspiring story encourageous those who have faced this kind of problems and also shows how this women started a new life and helped other women who face the same situation to start afresh.

There are grounds for optimism about what tourism industry can offer in terms of economic boom. In terms of ‘all-women-travel’ club, the offer is also lucrative for the visitors, We have the article “off the beaten track- women travail”
We also have an incredible story of Kong Nian who narrates her story during the olden days and how the name of the place Wah ing Doh was derived from which is situated Shillong.  

W-ho says that North East India is lacking from many angles? If we take the time to think and observe the natural beauty which mother earth has bestowed on Northeast India, we can surely say that our state posses more beauty and eminent people.

We also have our regular issue on Parenting, Makeup tips, fashion tips, Fengshui and Yoga Therapy, Recipe etc.  

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