August 2013

North East India is a home to many talented people, one of whom is Mary Kom, the Olympic Medalist from Manipur. Shooting on a film based on the life of this great pugilis will begin shortly and starting in this film will be none other than Superstar Prianka Chopra. Chopra was recently in Manipur to meet Mary and this visit has found space in this issue of Woman’s Panorama.

Love is  a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst. Our story on Love-jihad a trap of  love , supports the age old saying that love is blind. But in these modern times love can also be dangerous. To know more about this you can glance through our article on “A new Jihad.” Issues like this  must be dealt with carefully.

Itees Muktieh  from Meghalaya,  who won the National Florence Nightingale 2013 award, is indeed a woman with devotion, sincerity and dedication.  A nurse by profession, she has indeed made a significant contribution to the medical field.

We have also carried an article on the Pakistani teen activist Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taliban.

August is the month of  friendship, hence we have carried a special article on  “The Supreme Gift Friendship”.
Also included in this issue is our section of  beauty tips  which would help in  dealing with skin problems besides tips on eye makeups.

Happy Friendship day

Anjali Muktieh