May 2013

The month of May, the month for Mother’s has come and brought with it new hopes, new aspirations and new goals along with a shower of rain and thunder storm with unexpected heat. So, Woman’s Panorama has yet again come to steal a few moments of your life and give you time to be with yourself, realizing and pampering yourself as you tend to forget yourself in the demands of your career and loved ones.

Woman’s Panorama brings to you this month a young lady who is a symbol of beauty, brain and hard-work in the form of Sagarika Chhetri. Sagarika Chhetri, a girl from the hilly area of Darjeeling her family, the country and her community proud by winning the Pond’s Femina Miss India Kolkata 2013. A flight attendent by profession she went to pursue her dreams of becoming a model by winning the coveted title. Also this month, Ria and Swati talks about the dark sides of abortion and illegal uterus removal while Deepti and Amlan tells about the Hinglish style of naming films.We also have a new entree, Anil Sarkar who shares his knowledge about yogasanas for your betterment. However, keeping your health issues in mind do consult your physician before you go ahead with the yogasanas.

As you enjoy the pearls of our authors’ minds, make sure to use our bouquet of regular articles on health, maintenance, beauty tips, relationship and many more, keeping yourself healthy, beautiful and happy.

Until next month. Best Wises.

Priyanki Ghosh