Editor Speaks

March 2013

The month of romance has passed and the busy month of March is knocking at our doors. The cold, bone-biting, lazy season is gone and shaking hand is the busy month of March brimming with energy. As every women get involved in their daily activities, Woman’s Panorama makes an effort to steal a few moments of your life and give you time to be with yourself, realizing and pampering yourself as you tend to forget yourself in the demands of your career and loved ones.

Woman’s Panorama brings to you this month a lady of grit and excellence, a symbol of perseverance, courage and hard-work in the form of Rani Rana Bhat. Rani Rana Bhat, a girl from the slum area of Paltan Bazaar in Shillong won 27 medals in her academic field as she went to pursue her dreams of becoming a Dentist. Also this month, Jyoti  talks to Deepika Padukone and finds out the secret to her success while Deepti and Amlan tries to find out if the male actors are heading towards becoming the new ‘sex symbols’. And Nabanita unfolds how there is unity in diversity as Shikha completes her journey to Sohra.

While you enjoy the pearls of our authors’ minds, make sure to use our bouquet of regular articles on health, maintenance, beauty tips, relationship and many more, keeping yourself healthy, beautiful and happy.

Until next month. Best Wises.                               

Priyanki Ghosh