February 2014

Love is in the air, the whole environment is floated with smiles and Excitement, and this sends a cold shiver up the spine of men and brings a warm glow to the hearts of women.

Valentine’s Day is on the way and we desperately need a distraction from this abominable winter and the emotional doldrums that have accompanied it. This year, more than any other in recent memory, we all need a little love.

So why not elevate the mood of the people you love? A box of chocolates, a heart-shaped pendant, and a bouquet of red roses - even a funny valentine idea will do.
So go ahead and indulge - and give the local economy a boost. After all, everyone needs to know they are loved. Even if the great love of your life hasn’t appeared, why not share some kind-hearted thoughts with family, friends or co-workers?

To celebrate this astonishing season of love please go through our various article talking about various issues of love, I promise you will not turn disappointed but you would cherish the whole time.

Happy Valentine’s day

Anjali Muktieh