April 2014


As the chill weather bids farewell and the days start warming and brightening, it’s the time to boost your mood as you’re less weighed down by the cold and dreary days of winter. Spring is a time to renew your goals, refresh your home, and to unearth your garden from its wintry layers. As the ever-growing days beckon you to spend more time outside, you’ll easily find many ways to keep you outside of the house enjoying the fresh spring days.

Spring is also a festive season that is celebrated all over India and the article “The Uncategorized celebration”  talks about Bihu celebration which is the grandiose celebration of Assam.

Women empowerment, and the changing position of women in India has been a repeatative topic of discussion in various forum. But the question that remains to be answered is whether women empowerment is really happening in India, or is it a mere idea that’s been used as a promotional strategy for products as well as for the elections? To know more the article ‘How powerful does she feel?’ is put forward for your perception.

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Happy Bihu

Anjali Muktieh