December 2011

Yes! we have launched and succeeded. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. The was taken on the auspicious day of 11.11.11 when Woman’s Panorama was launched at the Guwahati Press Club by Shri Manju Bora eminent film personality and national award winner.

Our inaugural issue featured Kavita Sachdev a queen in her own rights in the modeling industry. This time around we feature the young singers from Nagaland , the Tetseo sisters who have single handedly taken the metal of preserving the age old Naga tradition of Li or folksongs of the Chakhesang tribe. ‘Li’ is sung for all occasions happy or sad. The best part is that Li is not a copy but an original tribal work of music that will leave the world spellbound.

After attending the Royal wedding of Bhutan we welcome our readers to be up close and personal with another royal wedding, the Khasi Royal wedding.

Rest of the issue packs a punch with the tourist destinations,, accessories , recipes and much more.

Happy reading and hiyohey

Sonata Dkhar