Editor Speaks

January 2012

“2011 has been good, 2012 will be better”.

For the above phrase to be true what women need is to rise from the self imposed barriers and take the bold step into what they call a ‘Man’s World’. In this issue’s cover story we showcase a few women who have actually changed the phrase ‘Man’s World’ to ‘My World’. All these women have passed the test of time and we can safely say that these are some of the most powerful women of the world. They are truly women who inspire.

Also delight your eyes with a special photo feature titled ‘ Shades of Northeast’ where we bring to you some memorable stills from the last year.

Read on about the women entreprenuers from Assam who are carving a niche for themselves. And if you are a little curious to know why we said 2012 will be better for you then  we shall tell you how  your 2012 is to be as to what the stars will hold for you in the year of the dragon.

Once again happy new year and keep reading.

Sonata Dkhar