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My mother and I are really close. I am 18. There is only one problem. She doesn’t know I go out with boys. She is always telling her friends that I am different and not interested in that sort of thing. I want to know if I should tell her. The one other time I lied to her she cried because I kept a secret from her. I need help.

Yours, Tina

Dear Tina,

I do not blame you for keeping your secrets. It’s the age that makes you do things .However; I still think you should be honest with your Mom since you are very close to her. I am sure it will hurt her to hear that you have been untruthful, but it is even more important that you owe up to her and apologize. I am sure you wanted her to be proud and brag about you, and it is sad to disappoint her.

I advise you to sit down with her privately and tell her everything. Remember to apologize. Ask for help in learning to be open and truthful, even when the truth is difficult. To be caught in a lie is one thing, but to owe up to a lie on your own and apologize is a way to build good strong character.