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I am a 31 year old lady all ready for my marriage next year. I have been in a live in relationship with my fiancé for the last 4 years and we have had a great understanding until now. It happened ever since I moved back to my hometown. He has not been talking to me over the phone or messaging me. When I ask why he says he is too tired, however, I cannot believe him because he is always online and talking to someone. I confronted him with this many times but he says I don’t trust him enough and we end up fighting. I don’t want to lose what we had. Please tell me what to do.

Dear Anonymous,

I seriously do empathize with you but it is time that you snap out of your love struck feelings and come back to reality. My advice for you is to the dump the guy because it is plain evident that he is cheating on you darling. Trust is an under- rated word nowadays. It is time to rack your brains and think about your life coolly. The question right now is not whether he is cheating on you but whether he will be trustworthy after marriage. Think about it. Marriage is not a game. Would you be able to bear his infidelity after marriage?