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Printed and Embroidered Scarves

Asian women are especially crazy about these kinds of scarves. Printed and embroidered materials are used with silk, leather and wool etc to make these scarves. Square and triangular scarves are the best cuts to be used in this context. This trend is likely to be a big trend of season 2012.

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Pastel Scarves

Pastel colours and dark colours are in vogue in the year 2012, as seen on the runways internationally. Greens, blue shades, pale greens and aqua shades are in vogue. And while talking about dark colours, dark browns, greys and blacks are also trendy and fashionable colours for 2012 in the context of scarves. This colour trend is huge in the 2012 season.

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Knitted Scarves

This type of scarf looks so elegant and stylish and can compliment almost anything. Particularly, these scarves suit coats the most. This trend will be big throughout the 2012 season. This kind of scarf adds that extra zing to your formal outfit.

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Snoods are another important kind of scarves. Snoods are warm, trendy and beautiful in their appearance. Bright coloured snoods are so stylish and beautiful. Snoods can be of the knitted kind and are also made of fur. Snoods are worn around neck or can be worn as headwear. Snoods protect against the cold winds and can be considered as luxurious scarves. This trend is going to rock the 2012 season.