Beating the Winter Effect

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Beating the Winter Effect

Chapped Lips

When lips become excessively dry they often bleed and also hurt. During dry weather and winter this skin problem becomes worse. Here are some measures on how to deal with chapped lips.

Moisturize your Lips

A moisturizer is good for your skin but it hardly helps when it comes to taking care of chapped lips. In order to take care of dry lips you should apply petroleum jelly or a rich emollient cream on the lips instead of a moisturizer. Lips become dry when your body does not have sufficient water. Water and other healthy fluids are essential for keeping your skin supple and your lips moist.

Therefore, you should make it a point to have enough water in a day to keep yourself hydrated. Again you should remember to have a diet that is rich in different nutrients and vitamins.

Keep Dry Lips at Bay

If you work as well as live in an air-conditioned environment then you have to pay more attention to your lips. Thus, you should also have a lip balm in your bag or keep it somewhere close to you. You should remember that if you have a habit of wetting your lips using your tongue then that will not only make your lips dry but also make them dark. Thus, quit this bad habit.

Tips for Smooth Lips

You should not smear your lips with lipstick all the time. If you do that then your lips will become dry and dark. Therefore allow your lips to breathe. If you still wish to apply lip stick then you should first wear a coat of lip balm. You can apply milk cream on your lips to make your lips very smooth. Before going to the bed, it is a good idea to apply some lip balm.

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