Editor Speaks


May 2014

‘Anju Dahal girl next door’ as part of our real-girl issue, we asked our lovely covergirl to speak with Woman’s Panorama and reveal all about being a model. She also had an opportunity to appear in a Cameo role for an  upcoming bollywood movie of Manish Gupta.

True freedom requires courage, a willingness to veer away from the beaten path. With women becoming victims of more and more heinous crimes, we need pack in more power and come forward to raise our voices and not stop at merely paying lip sympathy. Action frees us like nothing else, read Satarupa’s article. She had explored the concept of raising voices in a very broad sense.

Life is built in a tapestry  of relationships. Lovers, strangers, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbors, relatives etc weave that tapestry. No matter how much we claim to be independent or even a loner, we are always in a relationship … please read our article on “My home shows me the way”

It is important to stay healthy and energetic and if monsoon has been giving you a rough time, our diet and beauty tips, skin care tips helps you breathe free.

Happy reading

Anjali Muktieh