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"Bollywood depiction of love ,relations and wedlock is so exaggerated" - Shobhaa De

EP - After modeling you have started your career in journalism,  in a recent interview you said that Bollywood is ‘Ludicrous’ What do you say so?

SD - Bollywood is fantasy, you have to see it in that context. When viewers or the audience confuse Bollywood with reality, it creates a problem. The Bollywood depiction of love, relations and wedlock is so exaggerated. That is why I said, in some of the projections Bollywood is ‘Ludicrous’.

EP - What are the images of women in your novels?

SD - Well I have always written women’s book and this book that was launched at the ‘CALM’ festival in Shillong is related to women. I have stood up for women my entire life and will continue this.


EP - As per your novel, why won’t most women marry Narendra Modi?

SD - It was a column, well it was a satirical column at that point because, when a person leaves his wife at the age of 17, it was a very tough decision he took especially for his wife or late wife who had to go on without his support and love, that was the column about it.

Manav Deb

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