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Anju Dahal girl next door

Hailing from an enchanting place Arunachal Pradesh also known as heaven on earth. Anju Dahal, a naïve, friendly, fit-bodied and beautiful girl but more than anything else, she is focused. Even as a little girl, the now 23-year-old had her career planned. Started her modeling career on her birthday the 21st feb 2011 when Mr. Vikram Rai Medhi, a designer spotted her in a miniature party. That very day turned to be her memorable and luckiest day and she hid her first break to stardom. Gradually she realized that this is what she wanted to do. The environment, the people, the clothes and accessories simply fascinated her. With her hard work and dedication to the career gradually she landed up in this world of uncertainty.

She have done several shows for various designers like Dhiraj Deka , Monimala Mahanta , Abhijeet Singha , Vikram Rai Medhi,  Garima Saikia Garg, Chow Poran J. Gogoi etc. She also hit the ramp in a national level for prominence designers like Meenu , Rohit Verma , Lovel Prabhu , Asim Merchant and many well known reputed designers.

She also got an opportunity to appear in a Cameo role for an upcoming bollywood movie of Manish Gupta called ‘Rahashiya’ starring well known bollywood actor Key Key Menon.


Wow… how good does Anju Dahal look? As part of our real-girl issue, we asked our lovely covergirl to speak with Woman’s Panorama and reveal all about being a model.

Your story?

I am originally a Nepali girl but I was born and brought up and completed my studies in Arunachal Pradesh, my parents are government servants and are working in Arunachal Pradesh.

How did you react to Mr. Vikrams proposal to modelling?

When Mr. Vikram proposed me to walk a ramp I had no idea what do I have to do in that ramp. What came into my mind was that precarious scenario of this careers environment where we hear about the tragedy life of many models.  I got nervous and I refused him at once. Then Mr. Vikram tried explaining me about modeling and how do I go about etc.  When I reached home in the evening, I was just recalling back about the incident and thought twice about a career in modeling. I also had a chat with my mother and we together discussed and my mother had notice me since childhood that I have a model kind of character and nature hence she encourage me to try and observe once. Hence I thought I better try and did Mr. Vikram’s show. I was finding difficulties in wearing high heels at the beginning and Mr. Vikram taught me how to walk on ramp for 7 minutes after then I was able to do it on my own.

Why did you choose modeling? How has it been adjusting from the columnist of Arunachal Pradesh to the Metros.
Gradually after doing few shows I felt like this career suits me and I haven’t felt happy before like I felt now so may be this is what has written in my fortune and I also felt like this is what I wanted to do and what makes me happy. I did not choose modeling it was modeling who choose me. Modeling was a coincident I have never dream that one day I want to be a model it happened on its own.

Talking about Arunachal to metros there is a wide difference from lifestyle to the environment and people we meet. Arunachal is a small state and we live a simple life, whereas in metros everything is advance and people live a very high standard lifestyle.

How is it different Working for regional designers and national designers?

An extensive difference when we talk about regional and national designers we can’t compare so much because national, they are very professional and advance than us but in brief both has their own unique beauty on its own.

Who is your favourite national designer? What do you like about him?

Bollywood calling is a great opportunity for me. I went for an audition for a cameo role when I was in Mumbai & unexpectedly I was selected.

My favorite designer vary from Rohit Verma and Lovel Prabhu to Meenu. I like their dazzling & unique designs and when I wear their blueprint, I feel like I am on top of the world, I feel like a princess with their beautiful gowns and lehengas. They have really come up to a very high level that when I see their clothes and accessories I just can’t express their beauties I just felt in love with  their creations.

Who is your favorite regional designer? What do you like about him?

Nadini Baruah is an amazing designer, her ethnics design just captures my heart and mind.

Bollywood calling… How do you feel?

Bollywood calling is a great opportunity for me. I went for an audition for a cameo role when I was in Mumbai & unexpectedly I was selected. I did it very well I uttered the dialogues very nicely so I am very glad for that. Hope everyone would watch and love the movie. And I am also waiting and expecting for a greater role in Bollywood.

The filmmaker is almost done with making the film based on the notorious double murder. Earlier there were reports of Milan Luthria‘s next film being based on Aarushi Talwar’s murder but the filmmaker shelved the film as the issue is stirring strong emotions and Luthria does not want to trivialize the issue. Well, though Luthria isn’t making a film on the case, we all will soon see the drama unfold in the form of Rahasya starring Tisca Chopra and Ashish Vidyarthi. Manish Gupta who wrote the Amitabh Bachchan-Abhishek Bachchan starrer Sarkar is making a film on the tragic murder mystery. Let’s wait and watch.

By B. Mawroh

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