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Winter dryness care

To overcome the conditions of dryness caused by the solidification of skin’s oily content during winter, there are some ways whereby you can rejuvenate your skin by adding to its softness and suppleness besides boosting its collagen content.

  • To do away with the conditions of hardness harnessed during winter, consumption of juicy fruits and vegetable with the particular inclusion of olive oil and primrose juice will prove to be a healthy alternative.
  • In order to get rid of external dryness and chaps, application of coconut oil prior to bathing can be another helpful option.
  • As far as application of oil is concerned, it is better to opt for ones which do not clog the dermal pores.
  • Non clogging oils such as avocado oil, primrose oil and almond oil should be preferred over those causing to block skin pores.
  • Application of petroleum jelly on areas particularly affected with chaps and dryness happens to be one of the most effective options.
  • Instead of using soap high in their alkaline content, it is better to have your skin washed with paste of ground gram and yogurt.
  • In case you prefer using soap, make sure to use one with adequate moisturizing content. Soaps based on natural oils and glycerin may turn out to be a healthy alternative.
  • Avoid using hot water for bathing; instead go for lukewarm water enriched with drops of glycerin or herbal oil such as tea tree oil to make up for the loss of moisture.
  • Skin may be similarly hydrated with cold creams and moisturizer oily in content. In place of water based moisturizers opted for during summer, go for the oily ones.
  • Moisturizing lotions based on glycerin and alpha-hydroxyl content can contribute to the smoothening feel of the skin.
  • Skin toner containing essential oils or the rejuvenating elements of Vitamin E can prove to be similarly effective.
  • However if the facial skin is naturally oily, avoid using the same on face.
  • While going for manicure and pedicure, make sure to have your limbs soaked in lukewarm water enriched with drops of natural oils.
  • To prevent brittleness in nails, make sure to pamper your finger and toe nails with sufficient touches of oil, glycerin or moisturizers.
  • In order to overcome flaking, chapping and itchy cracks caused during winter, use cotton socks & gloves to have yourself adequately covered from the pinching chill of winter.
  • Avoid using facial packs and masks which suck out the natural oil content of the skin. Facial pack containing mud should be avoided for this reason.Rather go for cleansing milk and oil based pack.
  • Facial masks containing avocado extracts in addition to olive oil is helpful during winter.
  • Similarly a blend of yogurt, buttermilk and sour cream     or the creamy layer of milk with respective ingredients being combined in small measure is helpful for activating the skin’s collagen content.
  • To overcome conditions of dryness and chap formation on lips, opt for a lip balm enriched with Vitamin E.
  • Likewise, to get rid of ugly cracks on feet, go for a therapeutic ointment or lotion containing Vitamin E. In extreme cases of cracks, one needs to use ointment containing necessary anti biotic.
  • A vital skin care tip for winter involves bare minimum use of water. After a wash or shower, make sure to pat yourself completely dry.
  • In case your work demands recurrent exposure to water, make sure to use gloves to have the hands well protected.
  • Use humidifiers to have the indoor environment well hydrated and moisturized. With the help of a humidifier, winter harnessed dryness and conditions of cracks can be overcome.
  • One need not avoid using sun’s cream during winter, but it is always preferable using one with an increased moisturizing content.

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