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Say YES to beautiful hair this monsoon

Be it curly or straight, thick or thin, monsoon has a stormy effect on all hair types. Stealing shine and softness, the wet weather translates into bad hair days for most of us. A number of scalp diseases occur at this specific time because of the disposure of dirty rain water as well as humid conditions.Growth of fungus and bacteria on the scalp might also occur. Indeed, rains can spell catastrophe for your hair. So here, we tell you how to keep bad hair day at bay while enjoying the splashes through the season.

Protect them

A splash in the rain may seem fun, but the rain water can wreck havoc on your hair. Hair follicle, root sheath and the sebaceous gland can be affected by the minerals in rain water. Calcium causes hair to feel dry; Iron leaves hair brittle and weighed down; Copper discolours hair causing blonde hair to turn green and dark hair to tint darker; and Magnesium causes hair to lack shine and volume, So cover your hair to protect them from rain and humidity.

Have a healthy mane

Sweat and moisture double up your hair woes during the season. The pores of the scalp become blocked with oil and sweat secretions. Experts advise to shampoo more frequently, especially if the hair is oily. A lemon rinse after shampoo helps to reduce oiliness,

Oil is well

Experts believe that an oil massage once a week works wonders for the hair irrespective of the season.  Relaxing and therapeutic, it improves blood circulation, tones the scalp and fortifies the hair

Preen and pamper

A nourishing hair spa treatment offers respite from the humid weather and gives healthy shine to hair. Ayurvedic hair spa treatments are perfect for your hair. We offer Veda hair spa that takes care of brittle and lifeless hair with a rejuvenating herbal oil massage and a vitamin enriched mask for cuticles. It renews your hair inside out. One can go for an egg mask for deep nourishment.

Smart hair ideas for the season

The easiest way is to braid your hair. You can try French braid, fish tail braid, and the regular & side braid.

Girls blessed with natural waves need not do anything. Just keep your hair loose or go for the famous Angelina Jolie’s half up, half down style.

One of those quirkiest hairstyles that you can do on the move, hair buns never go out of style. All you need is long Hair and some pins to keep it in     place. Try out these – messy bun, rose bun, big 3D bun.
If your hair is prone to breakage, go for a playful and flattering ponytail. Take your hair and make a side pony, left or right.

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