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My boyfriend left for Bangalore after a courtship of a couple of days. Since then, we have been dating through phone. Since, it’s a long distance relation; we don’t get to see each other and most of the time I end up spending with my friends which include male friends as well. Now one of my male friends proposed me and since we spend a lot of time together, I also started to have feelings for him. I love my boy friend also but I am in a fix. Please advice.  


Dear Sushma,

Stop being a pendulum. There is a difference between affection and love. If you love you boy friend, even if a Bradpitt propose you, you will not develop your feelings for him. You love your boyfriend or Brad? Best way that I would say is to talk to your boyfriend and let him know about the state of your mind. Sweetheart, I hope you are not stuck in between changing lanes and at the end crash at the divider.