Editor Speaks

February 2012

The month of February always reminds us of love and the 14th of February is a day to celebrate that love. St Valentine’s Day, which now has been commonly shortened to Valentine’s day, is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love by presenting flowers, offering gifts or any other gesture. Today, it has become part of us, with people all around taking time out to not only spend the day with their special someone but to make their loved one feel special.

This month’s issue of Woman’s Panorama celebrates this month of love. St Valentine’s Day has a long history, so our cover story will give you an idea about that as well as a little about ‘History’s Great Romantics’. Our story ‘Wedlock Fetches Valentine’ about Assamese actress Nishta Goswami and her husband Sayan Chakravorty, gives us a peek into what is love for this couple who have just recently entered wedlock.

Valentine’s Day is about you, so we have also included some tips for you on how to spend your day and enjoy it with your loved one. But remember Valentine’s Day is not only about your spouse or partner but also a day to show how precious and loved your parents, children, siblings, or friends are to you.

Spread the love and a happy read.

Sonata Dkhar